Monday, April 6, 2009

Bay Area Pennisula Graffiti Identification

Thanks in part to "Gangland" on the History Channel, and in part to the increase in tagging in my area, I decided to try to learn how to identify, decipher and crack gang graffiti's arcane code. I searched the internet with helpful, but limited results, but was quickly frustrated. Very little information on Bay Area gang graffiti.

So 35 later I created this blog where I plan to post geo-tagged pictures of gang-tagged object and ask for people to give me some help. If you are a gang member, I have no connection with the police and would love to get your input.

Feel free to post pictures of your own local graffiti (Bay Area only, no artsy-fartsy shit, just gang stuff please) and maybe get a little clarity into not only the lexicon of gang graffiti, but the roots and reasons for gangs.

- CappyG

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